Multi-layer Leak Detection Sensors

The Automatic leak detection system is used for smart water management, based on continuous acoustic monitoring using fixed correlating sensors.
The correlating sensors and innovative software enables a comprehensive coverage of over 500 meters of pipe per sensor. For water utilities starting to adapt Smart Water Networks (SWNs) solutions for reducing Non-Revenue Water (NRW), Aquarius Spectrum system provides the most advanced, reliable and easy to implement solution.
The sensors are installed at distances of 300-500 meter on fire hydrants over urban pipe networks and uses 3G cellular communication and GPS based time synchronization. The software is provided as SaaS (software as a Service).
The system is easily deployed, highly sensitive and the SaaS support translates into maximum use of the system data supplied. In addition, by providing data mining, the system allows pipe replacement decisions to be made on the basis of specific economic criteria rather than a periodic pipe replacement routine.


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